31 Jan

Kitchen design trends

We’re seeing some emerging trends in kitchen design for 2015.  Are you taking on a kitchen design project this year?  Read on for the latest in kitchens.

One word…grey.  Grey is so popular this year and it’s being used everywhere—for walls, cabinets, countertops and tile.  We recommend using a cool grey for more modern interiors and a warm grey for more traditional homes.

Another color trend is the use of two cabinet colors within the room.  We’ve seen this before, where the island cabinets are a different color than the rest of the cabinets.  Now we are seeing upper cabinets a different color than the lower cabinets, often white on the top.  Which seems to have been inspired by a desire for a more open feel.

This brings us to our third trend…the open concept kitchen.  This has actually been used for a while now, but seems to have turned into a bit of an obsession.  Kitchens that are being opened up to dining or living areas are also trying to increase that open feel by reducing the amount of upper cabinets or using open shelving in place of them.

Another trend we are seeing is a real love of materials—marble, metals, tiles, wood.   People are falling in love with a tile or countertop material and are using it as inspiration for the design of the room.  This careful layering of materials and color is producing beautiful results.

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1 Nov

Selecting a sophisticated color palette

Creating a color palette for your home can be a challenging process, as there are many things to consider.   It’s more involved than just selecting a few good colorsplacement is key. 

Whether you are moving into a new home, or you are redecorating, changing the paint colors in your home will have a big impact on how your space is perceived.  Experts in this field excel by carefully selecting a sophisticated palette, using color to define the space.

Want to learn to think like a designer?  Follow these tips from the pros for great results.

First, start with a great neutral.  Select one that you can use throughout the house. This color is best used for the foyer.  Remember, the color of the foyer will likely be carried through to the upstairs hall, so you will need a neutral that works well with the colors on the main floor as well as the upstairs. 

Narrow down your color choices by considering the style of your home. Try grey for a more modern home and cream, beige, or tan for traditional.  Not sure where to start?  Do an Internet search on the most popular neutrals or designer favorites; this will get you started in the right direction.  When you have made your selection, pull the entire color strip for that color; you may want to add varying shades of it to your palette later.

Think about contrast.  Before selecting the rest of your palette you will need to think about contrast.  Selecting a palette where all the colors are the same visual weight can be ho-hum.  A truly sophisticated palette includes light, dark, and medium tones. The goal is to have a rangegiving a layered look and feel to the home.  One way to do this is to use a deeper shade of your room color to accent another part of the room; like the back of a built-in shelf or a prominent wall. 

Consider transitions. Using the floor plan for your home as a guide, decide which rooms you want to feel connected and which rooms you want to stand out.  Starting with the foyer color,  decide where you want to make your transitions.  For example, you may want the main hall and the kitchen to feel connected while the living room and dining room stand out by being distinctly different in color.  To achieve this, select the same color as the foyer (or a deeper shade of that color) for the kitchen.  Then select distinctly different colors for the dining room and living room.

Use balance to connect rooms.  You can use colors that are the same visual weight to create balance.  For example, if a living room and a dining room are both connected to the foyer, create a sense of balance by selecting two different colors of the same depth for the living room and dining room.  As a result, the rooms will have their own individuality, yet feel connected.  This trick can also be used upstairs, selecting varying colors for the bedrooms, yet keeping them the same depth.  This balances the rooms, making them feel connected.

Test your colors.  Always test your colors on the wall before you buy your paint.  Some stores sell small samples of paint colors, or will mix up a pint for testing.  Painting a 2’ x 2’ area is usually enough. 

Know when to get help.  If selecting a new palette for your home is more than you anticipated, you can always get help from a professional.  Contact ASID or your local paint store for recommendations for interior designers or color consultants who can help you. 

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2 Jan

Getting organized in a colorful way…

Getting organized is one of the most common resolutions for the New Year. It’s true, creating an organized home can make your day to day life more pleasant and efficient.  Whether you are dreaming of a more organized home office, pantry or a playroom take one room at a time and make it fun—by adding a pop of color!

Kick off good study habits for the year with an organized desk and personalize the space with a great color on the walls.  For this look try Benjamin Moore’s Castleton Mist #HC-1.

Photo: Container Store

Keep you pantry tidy with a great shelving system.  Using the same color for the pantry, as in the kitchen, makes it feel like an extension of the room.  For this look try Benjamin Moore’s San Fernando Sunshine #360.

Photo: Container Store

Clear storage boxes make it easy for kids to find what they need in this colorful playroom closet.  Finish it of with a bright color like this orange.  For this look try Benjamin Moore’s Bronze Tone #2166-30.

Photo: Container Store

Having a place for every thing is what makes this laundry room work.  Make your laundry room more pleasant to use with a great paint color.  This shade of blue is both soothing and cheerful.  For this look try Benjamin Moore’s Sonoma Skies #737.

Photo: Container Store

Our decorators at Debsan can help you select the perfect color for your project.  You can even test your colorsbefore you buy, with our Rent-a-quart program.  Just take a quart of any color home and try it, to determine if the color is right for you.  No cans to throw away, just return it to us.  It’s the best way to get the right color every time.

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19 Oct

Design Trend – Wallcovering on the ceiling

We’re loving the latest design trend on Pinterestwallpaper on the ceiling!  To pull this off choose your room carefully.  This works best in homes with higher ceilings defined by recesses or molding.  Do not use a floral or grand pattern, it will be too overwhelming.  Stick with a simple pattern, solid, or metallic paper like in the rooms below…

The simple geometric pattern used here gives this elegant bath some unexpected interest.

decorating files com
Photo: Pinterest


This room uses color on the ceiling as an accent.  Try this technique using a pearlescent paper for a soft glow.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 11.06.52 AM
Photo: Pinterest


The gold metallic paper used here coordinates nicely with the colors in the room, giving the room an more finished look.

Photo: New England Home


To achieve one of these looks, try some our favorite metallics and small prints…

201847-2   WA7820   1922_769W5781   670-54137-23295   COS-5   5006012

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8 Jul

Three great colors to try in your home

With thousands of colors available, selecting paint colors for your home can be intimidating.  Some homeowners may play it safe and just pick one color throughout, while others are more open to color.  Their most common mistakeselecting paint colors that are too bright.  For a sure thing, try one of these soft hues…


Photo: Benjamin Moore Cream Fleece, Pinterest

A warm neutral, like Benjamin Moore’s Cream Fleece, is a perfect choice to connect rooms of different colors, making it a popular choice for foyers and hallways.  It’s often selected as a paint color for new construction, used throughout the entire home.


Photo: Benjamin Moore Silver Crest, Pinterest

A soft blue, like Benjamin Moore’s Silver Crest, has universal appeal.  This calm and relaxing color is a popular choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and more.


Photo:  Benjamin Moore Conventry Gray,  Pinterest
Photo: Benjamin Moore Conventry Gray, Pinterest

For a deeper shade, try Benjamin Moore’s Coventry Gray.  Its blue/green undertone gives the room a bit of soft color.  A beautiful choice for a bedroom or living room.

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22 May

Wallpaper is back

Wallpaper has changed over the years.  Since its quiet departure, manufacturers have developed wallpaper that is easier to use and now have the ability to produce a wider range of patterns and textures.  For a generation that’s not afraid of color, today’s patterns are vibrant.  However, these patterns have been subdued using tone-on-tone or two-tone color techniques, resulting in a more polished look.  Yes, wallpaper is backwith some sophisticated styles!

Photo: Jenny Baines
Photo: Jenny Baines

Geometric patterns are a chic choice, often used to add interest to a room.  A popular look today is to use a geometric pattern on one wall as an accenttypically done in a living room, dining room, or bedroom.


Photo: Thibaut
Photo: Thibaut

Damask patterns are popular as well, often selected for their regal feel and richness in color.  Large scale patterns like this one are best used as an accent wall, so not to overwhelm the room.


Photo: Thibaut
Photo: Thibaut

Textures are back too.  Available in an array of colors and textures, grasscloth is a beautiful choice for nearly any room.  Often used in combination with wainscot paneling for a foyer or dining room, grasscloth meets today’s demand for simplicity and elegance.


Photo: Thibaut
Photo: Thibaut

Even animal prints have been refined, now available in more subtle neutrals. A perfect choice for a stylish sitting room, powder room or dressing room. The wide variety of patterns available today have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a subtle pattern or a geometric with a modern edge, there are plenty of choices available!

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26 Apr

Easy updates for spring

After a long winter in New England, your home may need some TLC. Celebrate the new season with some bold color choices.

Photo: Real Simple

Start out by painting your front door.  Try Benjamin Moore’s color #290 Fresh Butter in Aura exterior paint.  This cheerful color will perk up any entry.  It’s also the perfect color to use to welcome spring.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 9.56.53 PM
Photo: Pintrest

Next, get your porch ready by recovering your furniture cushions or creating a cozy seating nook.  Complete the space with some brightly colored, patterned pillows. Using colors from nature is a great way to bring the outdoors in—perfect for a transitional space like this sunporch.  Yellow, aqua, blue and green are all colors from nature that work beautifully together.  Make sure you select quality indoor/outdoor fabrics for fade-resistance and durability, like this collection by Kravet

Photo: Kravet
Photo: Kravet

Finally, get ready for guests—focus on an area like the guest room, powder room or bath.  An easy update like adding wallcovering, can freshen the room and make it more welcoming for guests.  It can also establish a new color scheme for the room.  Thibaut has a variety of patterns well-suited for nature inspired rooms.  Select the perfect pattern for you next project.


Come to Debsan and choose from our large selection of fabrics and wallcoverings, our decorators will be happy to assist you…Debsan Decorating.



4 Apr

Three great ways to add color to your home

Adding color to your home can add personality and freshen the look of your space.  If you’ve been looking to experiment with color here are some easy updates to try…

Photo: Real Simple

Select an accent color for the back wall of your built-in shelving.  This easy update can give your room a more finished look.  You can get the unique look of these shelves by painting the cabinetry in a neutral color instead of the usual white, like Benjamin Moore’s OC-20 Pale Oak.  Finish the back wall in a soft accent color and the shelves can remain white.  For the accent color shown above, try Benjamin Moore’s HC-143 Wythe Blue.

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 2.37.35 PM
Photo: Tumblr

Add some color to a neutral room by painting the ceiling, like in this relaxing sunporch.  Using color in this unexpected way adds interest and brightens the room.  To get this look try Benjamin Moore’s HC-148 Jamestown Blue.

Photo: Martha Stewart

Enhance a photo wall by using a rich color as a backdrop.  This is a great way to display a favorite set of prints or sketches.  Using a set of matching frames, like in the arrangement above, will create a more uniform look.  To get a similar look, try Benjamin Moore’s 1645 Thousand Oceans.

Be sure the color you select works well with the existing colors in your home. The best way to do this is to consider the colors in your home as if they were one color palette.  Do they work?  If so, then select an accent color from within that palette.  Not ready to look at the big picture?  A easier way to select a an accent color for you room is to simply use a darker shade of a color that is already in the room.

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